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Principles And Theory

The EyeimPro is a full simulation of Eye vision environment in a small factor device.

It is well know that in many cases the looking at near objects for a long period of time, chronically lead to myopia. It has been noticed that one of the effective way to treat myopia is by repeatedly, and frequently looking at far objects to near objects. The EyeImPro product designed to simulate this process by providing moving guiding Images, one for each eye to simulate the visual physiology. This is achieved by using a binocular Imaging with the optic lenses to simulate the visual process from near (8 inch) to infinity in real environment, as the guiding images moving from near to far in a slow motion. While watching the moving guiding images and following them, it enable to look at far and near objects, as in real environment. This process found to be useful to improving eyesight, by repeatedly stimulating the eye’s lenses and muscle contraction and relaxation, as a respond to the object image distance change. The product use the passive vision effect to watch the images, and therefore safe and has no side effect for long-term use.


Far guiding images basis principle

When looking at far objects, the light which enter the eyes is parallel. The optical axis of the eyes are parallel. Therefore no lens adjustment is needed.

Far guiding images design-1

There are two images in the 6 inch ahead of each eye. By separating with barrier, each eye see the image from the related source in front. This keeps the optical axis parallel. The light enter eyes uses 7D adjustment. To compensate a convex lens of 10D lens should be set in 4 Inch from the image.


Far guiding light’s design-2

The focal length of the 10D convex lens is 4 inch. Images are exactly located on the focus of the convex lens. According to the optical properties of convex lens, scattered light turn into parallel light after passing convex lens. Therefore there is no eyes adjustment. The optical design is completely simulate the far images just like infinity in real environment. Therefore the distance needed to simulate it, is just 8 inch.

Near guiding images design

When looking at 8 inch distant from the image, the sight angle is 2 inch, and the lens in to adjust to 5D The images are set to 2.5 inch from convex lens, the rays accros the convex lens turn into scattered light. The ocular accommodation is 5D, and the image at about 8 inch from the lens. By ignoring the distance influence from eyes to the lens, the adjustment and set of the eye are the same., It’s simulating the physiological conditions when looking at near objects.


Light spots motion


The guiding light spots are making reciprocating motion between far and near. The visual axis angle between the two eyes and the adjustment lens performing a regular change as a respond to the reciprocating motion of the guiding light. 

Simple EyeimPro

In a simple use there are guiding lights, which changing distance from near to far. 


EyeimPro’s Principle


By using LCD, the two light-spots are replaced by a set of guiding-lights which be composed by 8 LEDs , the EyeimPro can provide 8 different guiding-lights distance for people with different interpupillary distance. 

By using the full function of LCD, and audio, enable to connect various visual or audio inputs, and make it more entertaining while using the EyeimPro exercise.

EyeimPro Demonstration

The EyeimPro’s in a training environment. Children can watch images and short movies while training.

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